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To a future where humans and robots coexist in everyday life

Kawada Robotics is a pioneer in the development and sales of humanoid robots that work with people. As a global forerunner, Kawada Robotics has developed its business by commercializing humanoid robots that are able to work. Our business began in the 1990s when we first started developing the HRP series bipedal robots. Since then, our business has evolved and grown. Currently our main product is the dual-arm industrial robot “NEXTAGE,” which is being used in factories throughout Japan. It is a major challenge to bring to the world new robotic products, propose new ways to utilize them and to create a market around them. We will continue to develop and sell products that meet the society’s needs by utilizing robust technology.

President & CEO,Takakatsu Isozumi

“Cobots” are robots that work together with people.

Cobots will be indispensable to our society which is facing aging problems, a decrease in working population and accelerating change in industry structure. The technological goal at Kawada Robotics is to advance the humanoid robot into an “individual workmate.”
For many years, I have been in the forefront of developing the fundamental technologies of humanoid robots. By combining my experience and knowledge that I have accumulated over my years of research with the wisdom of the young engineers that join our company from around the world, I hope to create and provide to society a collaborative robot that is safe and easy to use for everyone.

Director, CTO Hirochika Inoue (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)

Corporate Philosophy

We will create and propose to the world a new work style, where people and robots share the task.


To contribute to society, we will share big dreams and goals. We will not fear failure along the way, to eventually achieve great success.

Action Plan

  1. We will be fully committed to robotics technology and face new challenges.
  2. Our development theme will be base on our customers' future hopes.
  3. We will achieve results by creating things using our knowledge.
  4. We will constantly improve how we work to realize success.
Business Development, design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of machines, equipment, systems and software.
Establishment April 1, 2013
Location Head Office
4-13-5 Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023, Japan
(COI Nihonbashi-honcho Building)
Tochigi Branch
122-1 Hagadai Hagamachi Hagagun Tochigi-ken 321-3325
President & CEO Takakatsu Isozumi
Capital 500 million yen
URL https://www.kawadarobot.co.jp/


Head Office

4-13-5 Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023, Japan
(COI Nihonbashi-honcho Building)

TEL 03-6667-0518
FAX 03-6667-0519

  • 4 minute walk from Kodemmacho Station
    (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
  • 6 minute walk from Shin-Nihonbashi Station
    (JR Sobu Line)
  • 9 minute walk from Kanda Station
    (JR Chuo Line)
  • 10 minute walk from Iwamotocho
    (Toei Shinjuku Line)

Tochigi Branch

122-1 Hagadai Hagamachi Hagagun Tochigi-ken 321-3325

TEL 028-677-5737
FAX 028-677-5891

  • 20~30 minutes by car from JR Utsunomiya
    Station(May differ due to traffic.)