KAWADA Tadahiro,  

Kawada Robotics continues
rising up
to new challenges.

We create humanoids that are crafted beautifully, to work for, and with, people, first in the world to work in commercial applications side-by-side with people, designed with precision mechatronics motion control technology, and perfected by listening carefully to the voices of our customers, our people, and best in class of dual-arm industrial robots - elevating, uplifting, and celebrating the potential of people. Crafted beautifully to be first in the world and designed to be the best humanoids on the market. We made it happen, and continue to improve on perfection, by listening to you, our customers, our stakeholders - our people.

  • Born in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Degrees in Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering
    (graduate degree).
  • Joined Kawada Industries, Inc. in 1985.
  • President of Kawada Industries since 2005.
  • President of Kawada Technologies, Inc. since 2009.
  • President of Kawada Robotics since 2018.