Notice of Exhibition : iREX2023

We will be exhibiting at the International Robot Exhibition 2023, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 29th (Wednesday) to December 2nd (Saturday), 2023.


The International Robot Exhibition is the world’s largest robot exhibition, with exhibits from various robot-related companies from Japan and abroad. The last exhibition held in 2022 attracted approximately 62,000 visitors over the four-day period.


At this year’s International Robot Exhibition, we will be demonstrating a total of eight NEXTAGEs, consisting of three models: “NEXTAGE (NXA series),” “NEXTAGE Fillie,” and “NEXTAGE Fillie OPEN.”

We have eight different demos, and we suggest its use not only in traditional markets such as production sites, but also in new markets that are even closer to people.

Please take a look at the International Robot Exhibition 2023.


The details are as follows.


Demonstration of an application package using NEXTAGE (packaging box assembly/packing, conveyor tracking, automation of work supply work).

Demonstration in collaboration with three partner companies.

・Powder weighing (ExaWizards Inc.)

This is a solution proposal for collaboration between robots and AI. The robot does highly accurate weighing of multiple types of powders using a variety of containers in the same amount of time as a humans do.

・Image inspection (Micro Image Lab. Co., Ltd.)

This is a solution proposal for collaboration between robots and inspection equipment. Inspection equipment inspects workpieces for scratches and printing errors that were previously done visually, and robots perform pre- and post-work (handling, etc.) associated with visual inspection.

・Face-to-face sales (Natural Lead Co., Ltd.)

This is a solution proposal for face-to-face sales using a dual-arm humanoid robot. Taking orders, selecting products, weighing, and accounting.

[Research and Development]

Demonstration for research institutes linking “NEXTAGE Fillie OPEN” compatible with open source robot middleware ROS 2 with external devices.


Additionally, you can see NEXTAGE at the following booths.


Booth number: E1-01 (East Exhibition Hall 1)

NEXTAGE collaborates with “SIGNAS”, an easy-to-set route tapeless transport robot. Self-propelled robots that can collaborate with humans will further expand the possibilities of automation.

[LINX Corporation.]

Booth number: E1-05 (East Exhibition Hall 1)
Demonstration of picking and visual inspection without model registration using the AI image processing function of the image processing library HALCON.

[ASPINA (Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.)]

Booth number: E6-15 (East Exhibition Hall 6)
Cosmetic bottle assembly inspection demo in collaboration with NEXTAGE and ASPINA electric robot hand.


International Robot Exhibition 2023 (iREX2023)

[Event overview]
Date: November 29th (Wednesday) – December 2nd (Saturday), 2023

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 1-8/West Halls 3 and 4

Booth number: E5-10E (East Exhibition Hall 5)

Sponsored by: Japan Robot Association, THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN,LTD.

*This exhibition requires full registration. Please register before visiting.
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