• In pursuit of optimal power, speed, and precision.

    With the integrated image recognition system, NEXTAGE identifies its surrounding environments and work objects. With its high versatility, NEXTAGE is useful for various industrial works.

  • Based on the concept of a robot that works with humans, NEXTAGE was created to ensure safety and to improve productivity at manufacturing site.

    Ten years after its initial release, we continue to improve NEXTAGE’s capabilities such as payload, speed, and vision, as well as improved maintainability and options.


A robot system with dual-arm,
vision, and controller.


Easily adjusts to the change of layout
and location.


Able to work together
with humans.


Safe to work without a fence with risk assessment.


Head Camera

Measures distance three-dimensionally and acknowledges its surrounding environment with high accuracy.

LED Indicator

The highly visible LED lights easily indicate NEXTAGE’s status.

Under 80W

All axes consist of low-power actuators of less than 80W, able to safely operate without a fence.

Electromagnetic brakes

The electromagnetic brakes between the arm and shoulder prevent the arm from falling off in the absence of power.

Service port

Air pipes (3×4 outside diameter, 4×2 outside diameter) and AUX 13 units (two of which are used for LED-lighting).

Hand Camera

Identifies minute details.

End effector attachment
(add on)

The tool changer is versatile in its ability to attach and detach the end effector.


  • Interface Options

    An interface unit which adds outer signals and air pressure machines can be compactly stored in the pedestal.

  • Tool Options

    A compact, all-inclusive hand provision which includes hand cameras, lighting, and a tool changer. With the compliance tool as a base, it is easy to create an end effector to fit your needs.

  • Laser scanner options

    Peripheral Options

    Useful options include a laser scanner which detects human distance, additional DIO boards, and touch panels.

  • Functional Safety Options

    This option adds the function of "safety-rated monitored stop" with ISO10218, which has acquired a third-party certification.
    Safer system can be built by monitoring the stop state of the robot in collaborative workspaces for humans and robots.


NEXTAGE Workshops

Three levels of courses for NEXTAGE purchasers.


    Basic course (2days):
    NEXTAGE’s basic functions and handling, as well as teaching NEXTAGE by creating a workflow using NxProduction.


    Practical Course (2 days):
    Error management methods and vision utilization methods such as marker identification.


    Applied Course (1day):
    Using NxProduction and C# to create plug-ins such as commands and vision.

Online Support


    With the NEXTAGE Support website, skilled and knowledgeable engineers will tend to your needs online.


Humanoid Research Platform

NEXTAGE's hardware with high workability is compatible with the open middleware environment "ROS", which is widely used for research and development.
Based on OpenRTM-aist, NEXTAGE OPEN provides excellent real-time performance. The humanoid research platform can be applied to cutting-edge research and development by linking with various types of software and devices that support ROS.
※NEXTAGE OPEN is available only for direct sales.


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